Orders & Delivery


  • Luna Moss offers same-day delivery to all of our products, given the order is placed before 1PM. If for some reason your order cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you via the information you have completed to discuss and rectify the situation.
  • We use a combination of our own shop delivery as well as outsourced courier companies if necessary. Our couriers create their runs based on time & efficiency. All business deliveries are completed between 11AM-5PM and home deliveries between 11AM-6PM. If you require delivery by a certain time, please give us clear instructions in the notes of your order and if this is an issue, we will contact you straight away.
  • We will leave flowers at, or near, the door if we deem it safe to do so. Our bouquets are wet wrapped so that if this occurs, they have a temporary wet source. If necessary we will contact the recipient to let them know where we've left the flowers. If there is nowhere safe to leave the flowers, we will call the recipient to re-arrange delivery.
  • Should you need to cancel or change the details of your delivery, please email us as soon as you can or call the store as soon as you can on 03 9042 0844. We are aware that sometimes a recipient leaves works early, is sick or has moved offices. But as we operate on quick turn-around times, we need 24 hours notice to change or cancel an order. We will always do our best to accommodate any changes to the best of our abilities.
  • You can reach us at info@lunamoss.com.au or 03 9042 0844.
  • Please be advised of there is nowhere suitable to leave flowers, blooms will be returned to the store for either pick-up or re-delivery. Please note: A cost is incurred for re-delivery.



Flower Care

 We love our blooms at Luna Moss Flowers and want you to enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed lovingly putting them together for you.

  • All our bouquets are delivered in a wet wrap - This means the stems are in wet tissue to keep them cool and provide a temporary water source.
  • As soon as possible, our flowers need to go into water because these beauties love to drink! Select a super clean vase (bacteria and remaining solvents are the enemy of flowers!) And fill with fresh, cool water. Luna Moss doesn't belive in floral preservatives as they are essentially just sugar which make your flowers bloom quicker and reduce lifespan, but we do advise a splash of plain household bleach in the vase water to keep bacteria at bay and that vase super sparkling!
  • Unwrap your bouquet, remove the wet wrap and make sure any stems they will be underwater are super clean (no leaves), please note, we do our best to do this for you! If you wish to leave your bouquet arranged as arrived, please note your blooms are tied together with clear strapping which is invisble once placed in water, however if you'd like to 'loosen' your bouquet, it's advised to hold bouquet with one hand, snip the clear strapping and place in your vase.
  • Cut the stems on an angle with a sharp pair of scissors, place your fabulous blooms into your vase and pop them in a spot out of direct sunlight, breeze or heat where you can enjoy them.
  • Some blooms can drink alot, so don't forget to top up the water frequently and change it completely. Don't forget to clean vase and add a splash of bleach every 2 days.... Now ENJOY!